Certificate Course in English 

Welcome to Certificate Course in the English Language conducted by ACE Education, SLTC.

The Certificate Course in English is designed for individuals who wish to obtain their higher education (university) in the English medium. It is also designed for professionals who intend to improve their communication skills and ethics in professional environments.

This course is a three-month preparatory course that focuses on communication skills, reading skills, listening skills and writing skills that are necessary for a higher educational setting. It promotes Content Integrated Language Learning (CLIL) which allows students to get a grip on learning communication ethics using the English medium. In the student-centered approach we take, we value group activities, sessions with native and second language speakers,  pair activities and presentations which are vital for growth. 

Become a competent communicator and                a curious learner 

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel and prepare to take your higher education in English. Let's put our English knowledge to the best use!!!
Live Virtual Sessions and Recorded Content
$ 75
Rs. 15,000
Beginner Level
03 Months
12 Weeks

Course Fee LKR 15,000

What will you get out of this course? 

Develop ethical communication skills

Learn how to learn content from the English medium 

Develop interpersonal communication skills and team building skills 

Effectively use basic English grammar 


Weekly Assessments 


Final Assessment 


Continuous Assessment

Benefits Offered

Assessments that are based on practical aspects

Virtual lessons that are accessible at anytime

Pair and group work using the Zoom Breakout Rooms

Exposure to the global aspects of language

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