Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC)

Business Management Bridging Program Online Examination on 19th & 20th of February 2022

This is a 100% online exam where the students will be evaluated on their knowledge and assessed on the learning outcomes of the program. 

Exam Instructions & Guidelines

The duration of each exam is 3 Hours.

Student must only attempt this exam once.

Students have to complete the exam in one sitting before the due date and time.

During this exam you won’t be permitted to review any other online sites except for the LMS.

Students are not permitted to obtain assistance by improper means or ask for help from or give help to any other person.

If you experience any technical difficulties or  other issues during the exam, please click on the “Write To Us” button which will escalate to the relevant team in order to resolve it in a timely manner or please contact the Help Desk Numbers  

Before the Online Exam: Prepare

 Read and understand the exam guidelines

 Check your network and device

 Plan your time

 Gather all that you’ll need to take the exam 

During the Online Exam: Focus

 Keep an eye on the clock

 Don’t leave the Exam page

 Technical problems? Don’t panic

 Check your work before you submit 

Answer all questions to the best of your ability and knowledge!

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